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CaoJun NFT’s collection features four Caojun Digital Collectibles. Each collectible features one of CaoJun's artwork with a size of 3.5inch X 2 inch.


By collecting CaoJunNFT, users are able to redeem the completed NFT for physical digital collectible. 1 CaoJunNFT can be converted into one exclusive CaoJun limited edition of digital collectible ("CaoJun NFT Collectible") !  CaoJun NFT can also be used to farm $CJAI or iCASH and can be traded on the TSA NFT Broadway. $CJAI & CaoJunNFT Staking: List CJAI Token on TeaSwap for trading and liquidity farming; Able to stake CJAI to earn TSA or iCash , Deposit CJAI- TSA BLP to earn TSA or Deposit CJAI to earn TSA. Learn here.

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